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Egg Drop Contest Winners!

Posted Date: 05/09/2023

Egg Drop Contest Winners!

The winners for the Egg Drop Contest are:


1st Oliver Hicks

2nd Jaysa Hinsley


1st Grade

1st Place Bruce Yang

2nd Lilly McAtee

3rd Logan Day


2nd Grade

1st Place  Braylee Daniel

2nd Place Faith Sandiford

3rd Place Abigail Siverling


3rd Grade

1st Place Jacqueline Deaton

2nd Place Donnie Yang

3rd Place AJ Sons


4th Grade

1st Place Seth Smith

2nd Place AJ Brents


5th Grade

1st  Kamryn Earnest

2nd place Melody Wilhite

3rd Place tie Acelee Ellis

3rd Place tie  Haleigh Lemons


6th Grade

1st Place  Zandien Renfro

2nd Place Jace Loper

3rd Place Susanna Nicholas Brown


7th Grade

1st Place  Gunner Pankratz

2nd Place Roxanne Weston

3rd Place  Levi Weston/ Cash Hendrix


8th Grade

1st Place  Lilah Jones

2nd Place Danielle Brents

3rd Place Jaleigh Loper


9th Grade

1st Place Kamden Field

2nd Place  Dayjana Adkism

3rd Place Jay Schott


10th Grade

1st Place Destiny Chumley

2nd Place Bailee Wilson

3rd Place Mason Parish


11th Grade

1st Place Drew Earthman

2nd place Anna Drinkard

3rd Place Trace Shirley


12th Grade  No Entries