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November 19, 2020

Fort Towson Staff, Students, Parents and Community,

Unfortunately our District is facing another circumstance where students, teachers, bus drivers, coaches and staff have been exposed to those who have tested positive for COVID-19. We have had two staff members test positive for COVID-19 today. As a result with the number of students, teachers, bus drivers, coaches and staff who will be asked to quarantine we just cannot cover. As a result the entire District will go to Distance Learning from Monday November 30th through Thursday December 3rd. Regular classes will resume on Monday, December 7th. The Health Department feels that this shut down period should allow us to keep everyone safe. There will be no extra-curricular contests through December 3rd. 

Those who will need to pick up packets may do so on Monday November 30th from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Those students who may have been directly exposed are those in our Pre-K classroom and those students riding Mr. Nickey’s bus.

I appreciate your continued patience and support as we work through these difficult times. Student and staff safety is of the utmost importance to us as a district. Please continue to wear masks when out and about and to practice social distancing. If at any time during the shutdown or any other time someone in your household is displaying symptoms please have them checked by a physician and quarantine if asked to by the physician.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

Thank you,

Phillip Hall
Phillip Hall, Superintendent
Fort Towson Public Schools
"Together We Can Succeed"

Playground     Playground

The new playground for the Pre-K class is complete!
(Made possible by a Tset Grant)





2nd and 12th Grade is selling pizza!!
Click here for a look at the brochure.

UPDATED 2020 – 2021 School Year Calendar

Detailed Re-opening Plan

ACT in the Spring for Juniors
Click here for more information.



*Home Basketball Games* 


We are excited that basketball season is upon us. However the pandemic is not slowing down but only elevating. As always our main objective is to keep our students, staff and visitors safe. Our gym capacity is roughly 500. To allow for social distancing we will only allow 100 fans on the visiting side and 100 fans on the home side. In addition we will have a section on the home and visitor side for roughly 25 players, coaches and administrators to sit. We will require everyone who enters the gym to have on a mask/face covering. We will have a concession stand, but it will only contain pre-packaged items.

To be part of the 100 for the game you must have first acquired a ticket for the game. We will have the tickets on sale in the superintendent’s office up until 4:00 the day of the game and normally at least a week ahead of time. If there are home games back to back, tickets for the next home game will be available the day following a home game. Only tickets for the next home game may be purchased. Only those wearing a mask with a ticket may enter the game. No passes will be honored. Those who are not required to have a ticket will be players and cheerleaders in uniform, coaches and administrators, who identify themselves as such. If an opposing team does not use all of their allotted 100 tickets any of those unused tickets will be brought to the gym prior to game time and we will then allow anyone who did not get a ticket to use one of those tickets. The same will be true of any of the home tickets that were not purchased beforehand. Understand, once the 200 tickets are sold no one else will be admitted.

We have added parking just west of the old Kindergarten/Tech Ed building along Cincinnati for everyone to use. I know we will have a great basketball season with fans in the stands, and we will continue to have fans in the stands as long as everyone is respectful of our procedures. It is better to have restrictions and get to play games then to leave things as if there is no pandemic and basketball season be cut short.


We will live stream Basketball Games on the Fort Towson Public School facebook page when possible. This is a public page so it should be available to all that have a Facebook account. The link to the page is below:


Main – 580-873-2712      Elementary – 580-873-2780      Jr. High/High School – 580-873-2325


Phone Extensions

Phillip Hall, Superintendent – 101

Ashley Burton, Superintendent Secretary – 104      Jennifer Hudson, Accounts Payable – 102

Elementary Office – 323

Ami Payne, Elementary Principal – 321      Tonya Day, Elementary Secretary – 323

Jr. High/High School Office – 258

Kyle Earnest, Jr. High/High School Principal – 266      Charlene Sullivan, Jr. High/High School Secretary – 258

Cafeteria – 106          Bus Barn – 107


We are in the process of creating a public facebook page for Fort Towson Public School. We will post updates on both locations for now but we will be transitioning to the public page over the next few weeks.

Please click below to follow for updates:




The dress code can be found in the
student handbook located on the
Fort Towson Public School website.


5th - 8th Grade Basketball Game

The Elementary and Junior High Basketball Game scheduled for Monday, November 30th has been moved to Moyers. The bus will leave from school at 3:00 pm and the games will begin at 4:30 pm

Picture Retakes

Thursday, December 3 (this includes seniors)


All sophomores will take the PreACT on Wednesday December 9. This test will be administered in Mrs. Edwards' room beginning at 8:00 A.M.

Basketball Homecoming

Thursday, January 14

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