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Parent, students, and community members:

Due to the pandemic and the dangers to so many of those that usually come to the Veteran’s Day program, we are going to do something different this year. Our veterans mean so much and it is always such a privilege to honor them each year. So, this year, instead of having the in-person program, we are going to deliver care packages to the veterans

I am asking for donations of items because there are approximately 30 veterans that usually attend. If you would like to make sure your veteran receives a package, please comment on this post with name and address or email me at or  text me at (580) 933-6436.

Some items I thought might be good to put in the package are:

Fleece blanket throws
Masks (not the surgical looking ones)
Fuzzy socks
Hand Sanitizer (we have the sanitizing wipes covered)
Small American flags
Patriotic items
Poems/letters/colored pictures/drawings
Canned food
Puzzle/activity books
Ink pens
Sugar free candy or cookies
Coffee mugs

I will be making a DVD of the slideshow we usually present to put in the packages. If you would like to add pictures, you can email them to me at by Saturday, October 31. Please add name and branch of service.

Mrs. Bain

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