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Dec. 3,     2017


Dear Students, Parents & Guardians 


The School Board recently changed the Published School Year Calender, by deleting the 18th & 19th Dec. School Days.  This has had an impact for us teachers who believe every school day is vital to Education. The main impact has been the end of semester time to prepare for the comprehensive science test that is stated in the course sylabus which each student recieved.   

The Test will be given on the 11th & 12th of Dec.  As the School’s tradidtional Semester Exemptions have to be calculated and signed during thses same days I will base the exemptions on the grades at that time.

The reult may be  that the grade which allowed for the exemption may not be the final Semester Grade as this test is a significant part of their grade.


This information will be briefrd to all exempt students and they will sign so saying  they understand  this condition.




Arnold W. Rech



Mr. Rech

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