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Brenda Blankenship

Ms. Blankenship

When school opens, students will be using ACELLUS online learning program for Art, Algebra II, and Geometry. ACT Prep will be using the ACT Online Prep program. Details how to logon on to each of these along with any applicable id’s and pass codes will be provided in class. Students who are distance learning using virtual options will be assigned the same content and will be using the same programs for their classwork. Students who are distance learning and using packets will be expected to pick up a packet each Monday (or first working day of that week when holiday or closed on Mondays) and return those completed packets the following Monday (or first working day of that week when holiday or closed on Mondays).

Masks will be worn in classroom when social distancing is not possible due to the number of students. Students will be expected to sit in the same seat each time they come to class, and they will be expected to skip seats when possible.  Your health and safety is extremely important, and I will do everything possible to keep you safe.


My conference is from 1:10 pm to 2:00 pm daily Monday through Thursday by telephone or in person (by appointment).  You can reach me by phone at (580) 873-2325 extension 264. My email address is if you would like to contact me that way.