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Have a great summer!

2017 – 2018 Elementary School Supply List

Summer EBT for Children

Food for the Summer

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Summer Academies
Free for students in the 8th – 12th grade

For more information, go to www.okhighered.org/summer-academies
or call 1-800-858-1840


Our Greenhouse 

The Greenhouse is coming!  As you can see the work on the Greenhouse is progressing.  It should be completed in the next few weeks.  The Greenhouse was procured by the Science Department from the generous support of Mrs. Motley, who also funded the improvements in the area between the High School and Old Gym.  The 20’ X 36’ building with a fresh air intake & exhaust, air circulating fans, propane heat, plant friendly lighting, water and electrical outlets will primarily be used for student experiments and projects.  However, a request of Mrs. Motley’s was it should also benefit the community.  Therefore flowers, shrubs and trees will be grown for our campus and placement around the town. If you have ideas concerning types of plants and locations around our school/community we would like to hear from you. Lastly, the Life Science Class may consider growing vegetable seedlings, for sale, if there is enough school/community interest.

As it nears completion we need a few things for operations.  This includes the following:

  •  Lumber:  2X4s, 2X6s 4’ to 12’ long (treated or non-treated to make raised plant tables)
  •  Lumber: 4X4s square or 3” or 4” round    posts for legs (treated or non-treated to make raised plant tables)          
  •  Containers:  2”, 4”, 6” or larger plastic planter pots. 
  •  Potting soil:  any size bags


Materials may be brought in and given to Mr. Rech.  If you would like to donate items but need assistance in delivering them please also contact Mr. Rech.  



Reminder for students:

The dress code can be found in the
student handbook located on the
Fort Towson Public School website.

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